Spawn custom tags error


I’m trying to spawn some custom QR Code tags on top of a car but I have an error:

LogAMS: Error: Cannot find tag QRC

I’m using the command:

sphinx-cli param -m world actors tags_name QRC

on this simulation:

parrot-ue4-empty -config-file=/home/cyver/code/sphinx/simu_config.yaml -ams-path=DefaultPath,Pickup

and the following yaml file:

  - Name: 'QRC'
    FilePath: '/home/cyver/code/sphinx/media/test_utf.png'
    Width : 50
    Height : 50

Do you have any idea why I have the issue ?


Can you give us the whole backtrace of the Unreal Engine’s application ?
And the whole “config-file.yaml” you are using ?

Please make sure that your parrot-ue4-empty is up to date, because the command line option “config-file” was introduced to sphinx in the version 2.8.2

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Thank you for you answer,

It was indeed a version issue ! I was in 2.5.1.
I tested with the 2.8.2 and it works perfectly.

Thank you again, have a great day :slight_smile:

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