Spawned Actors do not Move


I was attempting to spawn in actors along the DefaultPath in the parrot-ue4-empty scene using the following command: parrot-ue4-empty -ams-path=RunPath,Jasper. However, when the simulator loads in, the actor is present but not moving. In the tutorial, it is stated that this command spawns in “N moving targets along the path”. Am I doing something wrong? If so, how do I fix the issue? Thanks for your help!


That’s normal.
Actors are intended to be in pause status when spawned along paths.
You should set the web dashboard parameter pause to false to make them move.
Here’s the documentation page listing all the available parameters, for the actors, that can be set using the web dashboard (or sphinx-cli)

You can also use this sphinx-cli command to make actors move:

sphinx-cli param -m world actors pause false

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