Sphinx 2.8.2 - no video from simulated drone

In analogy to a real drone, for which I’m having a running GStreamer RTSP pipeline, I was trying to do the same with the simulated drone.

The connection succeeds, but all I get is a gray frame in the video window. Even if a simulation runs and the front camera in the sphinx window shows a different scene.

Honestly, I was expecting to see the same I get in the sphinx monitor. Is that expectation wrong?

The gray frame was a bottom field in the empty simulation. I managed to observe the video and launch the drone after having fixed the “secure boot” option (disabled now). Then I saw that the pattern changed with the climbing drone.

However, I was expecting the front view (which has some cloudy horizon in the sphinx window), but obviously not.

At least kind of video with very low frame rate is there. The real-time-factor of the simulation fell down from 99.99 to 60 to 19 and is now at 9. No idea why. Needless to say, that the simulation doesn’t work any longer

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