Sphinx Connection Issues


I’ve been using Sphinx to test an app I am working on, but recently I have not been able to connect to the simulator from my app or any of the examples.

Previously, I had been able to connect my phone (Galaxy S24 Ultra, Android 14) to the drone access point and to my laptop’s integrated wireless card (Ubuntu 22.04, Intel 9560NGW wireless card). Now the connection only works if I connect my phone to the SkyController using USB, then connect that to the drone access point.

I am able to connect my phone to the network (SSID Anafi AI PC…) but HelloDrone shows the drone as being in a disconnected state.

I haven’t changed the hardware setup at all, but have run updates on both my phone and computer since the last time I was able to successfully connect to the simulator. Neither had OS version updates though.

Is there something I can look at either on my computer or phone to see what is being attempted or what is going wrong?



I would suggest that you check the ulog logs to see if there is any indication as to why the drone remains disconnected: Troubleshooting - 2.15.1
Having extra ulog logs from firmwared would also help.


Is there anything sensitive I should be aware of when sharing ulogcat logs? I checked on my machine and at the time of connecting all I saw was the wireless connection:

I hostapd     (hostapd)                        : eth0: STA 72:28:d3:a2:16:dd IEEE 802.11: authenticated
I hostapd     (hostapd)                        : eth0: STA 72:28:d3:a2:16:dd IEEE 802.11: associated (aid 1)

Shortly after this I opened the HelloDrone app, but the only messages I saw were the sim’s weather updating:

I colibrylite (drone-controlle)                : Weather: updated air density = 1.224900 kg/m^3, using pressure 101317.0 Pa and standard air temperature

(a bunch of similar messages to this)