Sphinx .fbx file from Blender/UnrealEngine 4 doesn't spawn correctly

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to import a .fbx mesh file into the “parrot-ue4-factory” 3D scene from Blender. However, when launched with the config file below:

  - Name: 'Pista'
    FbxPath: "/home/jacob/Drivolution/ANAFI/Sphinx/pad_real_v2.fbx"
    Location: "6501.0 455.6 60"
    Rotation: "0 180 0"
    Scale: "1 1 1"
    SnapToGround: false

The model spawns with the wrong top texture and colors, as in the image below:

Here are the export specs from Blender:

To check if it could be a Blender issue I imported it in the Unreal Engine 4.26 (same version as Sphinx Unreal Engine) and the model spawns correctly as it should, image below:

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And the Base Color could be changed to the yellow after adding Metallic, Roughness, and Specular and generated a StaticMesh.

Importing the StaticMesh to Sphinx this was the result:

The top texture does not spawn correctly. The texture source file is in the “computer not within the 3d engine” as stated in Customize the 3D environment as a .png file.

Is there something missing, such as the wrong texture file type?
Thank you in advance for any help!

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I see in the export specs of blender that the option Path Mode is set to Copy and the Embedded Texture icon is selected. This means that in the .fbx, the embedded texture will be used, which is not supported by the version 2.10.3 of Sphinx. You need to have an absolute path to your texture.

To do so, I suggest you select Absolute in the Path Mode option, which would make the .fbx use the texture under that absolute path.

Hope this helps.


It works! Thank you for your help.

Please consider adding support for embedded textures or at list Relative Path Mode on the next versions. It is useful for development in multi machines.


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