Sphinx/firmware failed

I tried to launch the simulator Sphinx (version 2.9.1), but I get the following error, and the firmware stopped. The Unreal4 part is still running (“parrot-ue4-empty”).

distribution: Linux QDTIS159H 5.15.0-46-generic #49~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Aug 4 19:15:44 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

[Msg] connected to firmwared
[Msg] Preparation of firmware ./anafi2-pc.ext2.zip
[Err] [PompPool.hh:143] Received an error from firmwared: curl.hook/probe failed. See ulog for details.
[Err] [AutomatonPrepFw.cc:83] Preparation of firmware for machine anafi_ai failed. Check your path or URL to the firmware.
[Msg] All drones dropped. Let’s shut down.

ulog messages:
01-01 01:03:11.556 E firmwared_firmwares(firmwared-3252) : uuid retrieval failed: invalid hook output
01-01 01:03:11.556 E firmwared_commands(firmwared-3252) : command_process: curl.hook/probe failed. See ulog for details.
01-01 01:03:11.557 I shd (gzserver-4301/gz_world_update-4353): omniscient___UE4__magic_tile: closed
01-01 01:03:11.712 I shd (gzserver-4301) : wind: closed
01-01 01:03:11.712 E pomp (UnrealApp-3788/SpawnManager-3845): recvmsg(fd=224) err=104(Connection reset by peer)



You can’t use a relative path like: ./anafi2-pc.ext2.zip
It should be an absolute one like: /path/to/anafi2-pc.ext2.zip

thx for the answer.
I have another question: I’m waiting for the login and password needed to install the AirSDK. How long it will take ?

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