Sphinx model pose not publishing if not in contact with drone


I would like to know the ground truth pose of my drone as well as other objects I have in the scene. In order to do this I use

parrot-gz topic -e /gazebo/default/pose/info

My simulation starts with the drone on the launch pad and now everything works well as the topic is publishing the pose of both. However, once the drone flies away from the launch pad or looses contact with the launch pad due to manually dragging the launch pad away, the pose estimate for the launch pad disappear from the topic. When I land on the launch pad again the pose returns.

My model is dynamic, as I want to be able to move it to simulate landing on a moving target.

This seems like a very weird bug/feature and any insight is greatly appreciated!


The topic /gazebo/default/pose/info contains the pose of objects that have recently moved in the scene. In your case, it should display the new pose of your launch pad each time you manually move it in the scene and when it collides with the drone.

To get the current pose of your launch pad, you can call parrot-gz model with --pose:

parrot-gz model -m launch_pad --pose
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