Sphinx stops capturing camera photos

After some minutes of simulation (around 2-5), the simulated drone stops capturing photos with the camera.
The only output I found from the olympe logs is the following line, where the camera stops capturing after that.

2022-01-12 16:26:11,975 [INFO] olympe.drone.ANAFI-0000000 - _recv_cmd_cb - camera.photo_progress(cam_id=0, result=photo_result.error, photo_count=0, media_id='', list_flags='')

Is there any way to fix this issue?
I am using sphinx 1.8 and olympe 3 on Ubuntu 18.04.

Any help on that?

I am using a ROS (eloquent) timer to take photos every second, using an edited code from this post.
I have noticed that when the drone stops capturing photos (after the photo_result.error happens) the timer itself stops executing too.