Start groundsdkdemo

I am new to android app programming with android studio. I installed and build the GroundSDK on my linux system (Ubuntu) successfully, but I do not know how to run the groundsdkdemo application from Android Studio on an android device (step 5 from the “Install and build GroundSdk” documentation).
If I hit “run” it lets me set configurations from different templates. Which one do I have to use and what are the parameters for the configuration ?

Thanks for your help!

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First, be sure to properly select groundsdk-android in your working directory (groundsdk) when you open the project. If you select something else you won’t be able to run groundsdkdemo.
Then open the Run menu, the first item should be: Run ‘groundsdkdemo’. Click on it, and you should see a dialog box named Select Deployment Target with your connected device in the list. Select it and click OK.


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