Start/stop video recording video from flight supervisor (without Olympe and with auto-record disabled)


I’m working on a custom mission and I would like to start/stop recording video autonomously after some events, for example when entering/exiting a state in flight supervisor.

I know Olympe has a command StartRecording, but I’m not able to send external commands from a mission UI with Olympe, since the mission is expected to run autonomously and the connection between an external mission controller and the drone is not always guaranteed. The ‘auto-record’ feature is not exactly what I want because I dont want to record the whole execution of the mission.

I have learned about the sample mission video_photo_cpp. However, it would require creating a service only for that task, and I’m wondering if it could be done without a specific service.

As far as I know, the same kind of message used by Olympe and video_photo_cpp (a camera2 command), can be imported in python by the flight supervisor. In fact, I managed to configure the video capabilities using the video_manager, which needs the Config structure imported from ‘camera2_pb2’, as it is explained here. However, I could not find the way to send the commands.

Is there any way to send the StartRecording and StopRecording commands from the mission or state definition in flight supervisor?

Thank you

Hi @Diego,

sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, the only way to start photo or video is to use the arsdk commands. At the moment, the only way to send arsdk commands is Olympe, GroundSDK, Openflight and the internal library libairsdk for Air SDK service. I think you can keep your configuration in flight supervisor and send a message to your Air SDK service to start and/or stop video or photo.



Finally I added to my service the functions in video_photo_cpp mission that send commands to start/stop video recording. Thank you for your response.

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