startVideoStream() can't work


Hello, there’s an issue related to add a live stream video into the iOS app.

I clone the the full project sources of GroundSDK Hello Drone Tutorial provided GroundSDK Hello Drone Tutorial from the github.

When I ran the whole HelloDrone sample in the Xcode simulator, the video stream wouldn’t show up, and the takeoff and land button didn’t work either, it couldn’t be clicked, and it showed some errors:

sdkcoreRenderer = sdkcoreStream.startRenderer(renderZone: renderZone,
Thread 1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x0)

2022-11-08 15:40:08.393495-0800 HelloDrone[83935:2479492] IAPDHasLaunched: kIAPAvailableNotification iapdAvailableState 0 → 0

2022-11-08 15:40:08.393750-0800 HelloDrone[83935:2479492] IAP2DHasLaunched: kIAP2AvailableNotification iap2dAvailableState 0 → 0

2022-11-08 15:40:13.859743-0800 HelloDrone[83935:2479660] [] nw_protocol_get_quic_image_block_invoke dlopen libquic failed


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