Stereo Camera Failure on Physical Drone

Has anybody had issues where the stereo camera gimbal stopped responding correctly. Any suggestions as to how to reset/debug?

I have completed a hard reset by holding the battery power down and attempted to complete the camera calibration step. The main camera is successfully calibrated however an error appears for the stereo camera. There are no errors displayed in the app and the drone can still fly manually without any problems.

When the drone initially turns on, the stereo camera also fails to move and initialise correctly. It either dose not move or moves small distance and stops.

The drone has never crashed or dropped and have had not issues in the past. It always travels in the hard case and with the camera brace.

Hi DonMMK,

Few questions:

  • what is the serial number of your drone ?
  • if you move by hand the stereo camera from endstop to endstop on the entire angular range, do you feel any friction ?
  • does the motor of stereo camera gimbal seems working or no power at all ?


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