Stream FMV from Anafi USA

I’m currently streaming Anafi USA video to VLC through the tutorial manual, however I see that it’s streaming in H.264 format with no other streams. Is there a way to access the MISB Full Motion Video from the HDMI stream to VLC or another method?

Hello Bobby, have you taken a look at this?


I am not sure what your precise question is. The streamed video is H.264 indeed, and there is telemetry embedded as metadata in the RTP header extensions. See the full video metadata documentation here: Embedded Video Metadata - 7.7

Hi Akaaba, we are looking to acquire the video metadata from the header extension – ideally as a bit stream so we can convert that into a GPS log in txt format. I saw that vmeta-extract is able to pull the data from an MP4 file, but is it possible to acquire the data from an RTP stream? I see that this is the relevant github repo.

Is there an example app that we could use to test out metadata extraction from live video stream? And would that work with the Parrot Anafi User Manual, which streams to VLC?

On a live video stream our recommendation is to use PDrAW, that implements the RTSP/RTP logic and de-serializes the metadata using libvideo-metadata. See Ground SDK Tools.

You could use PDrAW’s VideoSink functionality to get frames (either H.264 coded or decoded YUV) and the associated metadata. See libpdraw-vsink as an example for YUV frames.

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