Stream infrared and full-colour video simultaneously


We have a Parrot Anafi IR and can I see the infrared video in the Free Flight 6 app, but I cannot figure out how to get it programmatically. More to the point, I need to get the IR video at the same time as the visible video stream. I don’t just mean blended mode - even if you manage to pick apart the two streams from that it would only give you grayscale visible, and I need full colour. Any ideas?

Currently I’m using RTSP for the video (I’m also using the Olympe API in a separate process) and the ideal answer would just be another RTSP URL to connect to to get the IR data. But I’m very willing to do something different if it helps, like getting the video using Olympe/PDrAW, or using the C++ API if necessary. As a last resort, even just capturing the data to the SD card to analyse offline afterwards would be something (so long as the two recorded streams represent data captured simultaneously).

Thanks in advance.

Hi James, this is currently not possible programmatically, but the SD card file contains both visible and thermal imagery in 2 different streams.