Stream quality focus camera

hello, I currently work on a drone project. the project deals with barcode detection.
but i encountered a problem. The problem is the quality of the stream, i’ve done a computer vision to detect and decode some barcode and It works correctly with ma Webcam but when i switch with the drone camera, The frame are bad ( bad quality ). Do you have an idea to solve that.

For me it’s a problem of focus because the frame are good but also when the barcode ar further than 1 meters and I want to decode them less further.

So did somebody have an idea to solve that problem?

Ps: Sorry if i done some mistakes, I’m french student and my english isn’t perfect at time

Thank’s to you, kind regards

The drone camera is not designed for very short focus. This is why it works fine after 1meter , but not below.

Hello, thank’s for your answer, so is it possible to do a zoom to decode the barcode further ?

Or is it possible to change the resolution of the video stream maybe ?

On a regular Anafi , none of this is possible.

@Jerome, it is possible to zoom up to x3 on a regular Anafi

Yes sorry I was replying to changing the stream resolution.
@AlbanSc you can zoom 3x with the Anafi!

@TanguyR @Jerome
Ohh thank’s for that positive answer. I was starting to be worried by my project.
So what’s the function I have to call to do that? Is there an documentation about it ?

I would look there

You could try using image processing - capture multiple frames containing images of the bar code. Google terms like image stitching, mosaic to combine the frames together and image reconstruction and super sampling to improve the image quality.

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