Streaming video directly through USB on battery

I have an Anafi USA and want to perform tests to view the video stream on the ground.

How would I connect to the video streams via VLC when plugged directly into the back of the battery on the Anafi USA? So far I’ve tested the following:

  1. Connecting to the SkyController USA via an ethernet where, the DHCP server assigns me the address 192.168.53.XXX and I can view the video stream from the Anafi USA via rtsp://

  2. Connecting to the Anafi USA via WiFi and viewing the video stream on rtsp://

  3. Connecting to the Anafi USA battery while plugged into the drone and powered on. I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 and two things happen. In dmesg, a storage device (presumably the sd card onboard the Anafi USA) and the FLIR boson (which comes up as /dev/video1) come up. This is useful cause I can obtain the raw video in VLC using /dev/video1. However, it still doesn’t meet my needs entirely. I’ve tried using a USB-ethernet dongle and running a DHCP server but I’m not able to assign an IP address or see an existing one using nmap.

Is there a debug port or another method of obtaining both the EO AND IR camera feed, raw is OK at first but eventually with metadata as one would through the Olympe’s rtsp feed. Alternatively, is there an Olympe interface running on the Anafi USA that I can access directly through the USB port on the battery while plugged in? What would the target IP be for this case?

Thanks in advance!


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