Syntax - world file path using command line

Please advice what is wrong in the following syntax for the world file to be read using sphinx
sphinx – log-level=dbg / opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/anafi4k.drone :: sdf= / opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/ worlds/ sj2 .world:: stolen_interface=eth0:eth0:

The code works well without the world file path

It should be:

sphinx --log-level=dbg /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/worlds/ /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/anafi4k.drone::stolen_interface="eth0::eth0:"

It’s better not to put your own world files in /opt/parrot-sphinx. They can be located anywhere on your disk.

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