The path to the folder containing the customized paths


I have created customized paths using the Spline Editor in Sphinx. I want to navigate to the folder where the paths are saved but I couldn’t find where it is located. My questions is: where can I find such file?

Thank you in advance.


After creating your paths, it’s essential to export them.
You can choose to export them either as YAML files or as an AMS config file. You have the flexibility to designate the export path according to your preference. Simply input the desired export path into the text boxes provided within the Spline Editor interface.

For more detailed instructions on utilizing the Spline Editor, please refer to the documentation page linked below:

Thank you very much for your response. I really appreciate it.

I want to perform target following using Sphinx. The Anafi has to track a vehicle that follow a customized path that I have created. I want to ask you if you have ever tried to perform such simulation. If so, what are the features that can be used?

Thank you.

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