The simulated drone will disconnect from the simulator a few seconds after connected

Hi, I am new in Olympe. Currently, I am writing a mission script that tries to make drone switch flight route based on some triggered event.

And after I connect the drone, it will disconnect after a few seconds. Here is the part of the log:

2023-11-16 11:22:57,909 [INFO] olympe.drone.ANAFI-0000000 - _send_command_impl - ardrone3.Piloting.TakeOff() has been sent to the device
2023-11-16 11:22:57,909 [INFO] olympe.drone.ANAFI-0000000 - _disconnected_cb - Disconnected from device: ANAFI-0000000
2023-11-16 11:22:57,909 [INFO] olympe.pdraw.ANAFI-0000000 - _destroy_pomp_loop - Pomp loop has been destroyed: Thread-4
2023-11-16 11:22:57,910 [INFO] olympe.drone.ANAFI-0000000 - _on_device_removed - <olympe.arsdkng.cmd_itf.DisconnectedEvent object at 0x7fb0abd17940>
2023-11-16 11:22:57,910 [INFO] - _websocket_event_reader - websocket closed
2023-11-16 11:22:57,912 [INFO] olympe.drone.ANAFI-0000000 - _on_device_removed - <olympe.arsdkng.cmd_itf.DisconnectedEvent object at 0x7fb0abd178e0>
2023-11-16 11:22:57,912 [INFO] olympe.scheduler - _destroy_pomp_loop - Pomp loop has been destroyed: subscribers_thread

2023-11-16 11:22:58,012 [INFO] olympe.backend - _destroy_pomp_loop - Pomp loop has been destroyed: Thread-2
2023-11-16 11:22:58,647 [ERROR] ulog - pomp - fd=25, cb=0x7fb0afd92e50 still in loop
2023-11-16 11:22:58,647 [ERROR] - _destroy_pomp_loop - Error while destroying pomp loop: -16
^CException ignored in: <module ‘threading’ from ‘/usr/lib/python3.10/’>
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/lib/python3.10/”, line 1567, in _shutdown

Hi @xianglic,

Could you provide your code (in a light version if you like)? This will help us examine your problem.

Thanks in advance.


Hi I think I figured it out, but thank you for the help

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