Thermal live video in PDrAW

I have an Anafi thermal drone and would like to view the thermal video using PDrAW (i.e. same experience as when I view the thermal live video using Freeflight 6). I guess it should be possible since the PDrAW image on the developer site shows a thermal screenshot.
I can view the normal live video using:
pdraw -u rtsp://

If I then change the Thermal mode using Olympe
olympe.messages.thermal.set_mode ( olympe.enums.thermal.mode.standard)
and then start pdraw again
pdraw -u rtsp://
I can then see the frame rate is changed to 9 fps and the video resolution is decreased. However, I still only see the visible part of the video (I want to see the live video with thermal overlay)
I have checked the blending etc. and those values seems to indicate that the thermal video should be visible as overlay.

I have tried playing around with all different settings that I think make sence (camera settings etc.) but I cannot get this to work.
Any help/guidiance would be appreciated

/ Mats