TrajectoryFcamMode compute wrong trajectory


I’m writing a guidance::TrajectoryFcamMode mode to follow an april tag.

It seems to work fine like you can see in this video :

Except at one time, trajectory seems to be reset to the beginning.

I display the targeted position and it looks normal.

Here is my generateDroneReference :

void ModeTest::generateDroneReference()
    guidance::PositionTrajectoryPoint positionTrajectoryPoint;
    positionTrajectoryPoint.position = Eigen::Vector3f(droneTargetPose(0,3), droneTargetPose(1,3), droneTargetPose(2,3));
    positionTrajectoryPoint.velocity = tagVelocity;
    positionTrajectoryPoint.acceleration = tagAcceleration;


Any idea ?


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It seems to be fixed when calling guidance::TrajectoryFcamMode::beginStep(); at the beginning of my class’s beginStep().

Don’t know why …

Hi Clement,

Indeed, it is required to call “base” fcam or fstcam trajectory class in each overridden method of the “derived” class.


Hi @Ronan,
Thank you for this info.

Should we call each fcam base function at the beginning or at the end of each overridden method ? Could you add it in the doc ?

At the beginning of enter(), beginStep(), configure(), generateDroneReference(), endStep() if overridden (but it doesn’t really matter if it’s at the end).


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