Transition when manual command are received


I would like to reset guidance mode to manual as soon as a manual command is sent during mission execution.
How to trigger a received manual command sent from iOS app or Skycontroller in Transitions of ?



The internal event pcmd_horizontal_move is the one to react on (as well as pcmd_vertical or pcmd_yaw if needed)

There is also a ‘long’ version of those commands that detect a > 200ms action on joystick (otherwise the smallest movement of the stick will trigger the standard event).


Hi @ymorgan,

How to use pcmd_horizontal_move msg in python ?

I can see in TRANSITION that I can use msg_id, but what is the type of pcmd_horizontal_move ?
What should I put in transitions ? [’???.pcmd_horizontal_move’, “flying.autonomous”, “flying”].

I can see pcmd_horizontal_move are in FlightSup::Internal::Messages::Event in C++. But what in Python ? I cannot import fsup.internal :confused:



In string form: “Internal.pcmd_horizontal_move”

In more robust form with import and checks at instanciation:

import flight_supervisor.internal_pb2 as internal_pb
from fsup.utils import msg_id

msg_id(internal_pb.Event, “pcmd_horizontal_move”)

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