Trying to control AnafiAI's gimbal using Olympe (Yaw direction)


I’m trying to control AnafiAI’s gimbal using Olympe. I have successfully controlled the Roll and Pitch directions on the actual device, but I’m unable to control the Yaw direction. Please let me know if this is a specification limitation or if there is an issue in the code.

        yaw=_yaw,                                            #set float value, failed.
        pitch=_pitch,                                           #set float value, success.
        roll=_roll                                                  #set float value, success.

Hi @yoshi,

The Yaw axis is locked. It follows the drone body. You can catch the event axis_lock_state at the connection to see all locking direction (only yaw in our case). You can’t unlock axes with Olympe.

There is another way to unlock the yaw axes. You can create an Air SDK service (in a mission) and send the set_config command to unlock the yaw.


Thank you for your response.
So, the Yaw axis control is locked by default, I see.
I appreciate your advice on how to address this in AirSDK.

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