Turing off battery failsafe to enable tethered power to Anafi AI

Hey everyone,

Is there a way I can turn off the battery failsafe in the Anafi AI?
I have noticed that the Anafi AI launches a battery failsafe based on mAH used, and not voltage.

If there’s an option to switch failsafe to Voltage instead of mAH, that works too.

We are trying to power the Anafi AI drone using a tether system. However, we notice that the Anafi AI battery has a failsafe that does allow the continuous power supply. The drone battery believes that the battery is dropping but the power is giving full power continuously. Is there a way to disable the failsafe in the battery to enable continuous power to the drone.

Any help is good help, thanks guys!

Just to follow up on this is it possible to disable the battery failsafe ?
If it is not , what is the max voltage and current the USB - C of the battery can accept ?

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Sorry for the late reply.
It is not possible to turn off the battery failsafe.


It’s not possible to switch failsafe to voltage instead of mAh.

The battery can accept a maximum of 40-45W while charging. Important Note: the drone consumes more than 100W in flight, so it’s not possible to recharge the drone during a flight.