Ubuntu 20.04 support


Just following up on some previous threads (this one the latest) regarding the release of the 20.04 version of the SDK components. Is there any timeline for when it will be released (are we talking weeks, months, etc.)?

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we don’t share specific timing , but we are close to release the new SDK for Anafi Ai with support of 20.04.
Thanks for your patience on this!

Ok, thanks! So this update will include new support for Olympe and Sphinx in 20.04 also? Not just the new Anafi Ai SDK?

Yes, full support of 20.04 on all tools

I can confirm here that latest version of the Olympe works with linux Ubuntu v20.0.4 . If you require a video , let me know.


Nice! How stable is it, and what about Sphinx?

I haven’t tried Sphinx with Ubuntu 20.0.4 but it works on Ubuntu 18.0.4. But I didn’t like Sphinx as it is very slow to load .

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