Unable to connect multiple Apps over USB CONNECTION to Controller

I am making an app to track the current status of the drone and log it on an online server. While the hotspot is turned on, the FreeFlight 6 App and My app, both can connect to the drone independently.

But when I connect to the drone via the Controller over USB, it asks for which app to use, MY app or the Freeflight 6 to control the drone, so at one time, only one app has the access. Is there a way to fix this or is it that I am doing something wrong?

If I connect over wifi, I don’t have internet connection to log the information to the server since the drone provdes a local wifi hotspot.

Remember that I am only using the SDK to log some basic information about the drone such as the telemetry data/battery status/connection status etc and not controlling it.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

You are not doing anything wrong, this is the expected behavior.

So you mean to say that at a time, only one app can connect with the drone over USB Connection? I wanted to connect multiple apps. If I do it over wifi, I lose internet access. I need internet access & connection with the drone over USB.

Is there a way to connect my application & the FreeFlight app over USB to drone at a time like on WIFI unlimited apps can create their own session and request the information they need.

My app does not control the drone, it does not connect with the drone. It only logs some telemetery information from the drone.

There is this app for example: AirData

While I am flying my drone with the controller, my phone is connected over USB to the controller. The freeflight app is running and connected. Also in the background the AirData app is able to log basic flight information such as battery status & telemetry information too.
How is this possible?

With my app installed, the phone asks for which app to connect, Freeflight or My App. I want to avoid this somehow so both apps have access to the available connection. What am I missing here? Please help?

They are not doing that in the background, they are using post flight log analysis.
It is not possible to get connected to the drone with 2 instances of the SDK.

I see, so its not possible over usb connection.

If so, how can I get the post flight log analysis, is it available in the SDK?

Will this provide realtime info like location/telemetry of the drone without connection from the log or data from the pervious flights only?

So how would someone develop an app to collect drone data while flying the drone at the same time ?

I.e GPS position or speed.

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You would have to develop a full service app (drone command, video streaming and data collection).