Unable to connect Sphinx to Qgroundcontrol

Hi all!

I am unable to connect Sphinx simulator to Qgroundcontrol.
Both Sphinx and Qgroundcontrol run on the same Ubuntu PC, without any physical drone. I am able to control simulated Sphinx drone via QDronectrl, but not with Qgroundcontrol, it just wont connect
I tryed to add UDP ports 14550, 14560, 5353, 9988, 5504 and 5505 (because they were used by Sphinx simulator).
I enabled also LinkMangerLog and LinkManagerVerboseLog in the Qgrouncontrol->Console->SetLogging. And it detects the simulated drone Anafi AI:
[D] at …/…/qgroundcontrol/qgroundcontrol/src/comm/LinkManager.cc:447 - “Found Zero-Conf: “_arsdk-091a._udp.local.” “ANAFI Ai 000000” “ANAFI-Ai.local.” 44444 QMap((”{“device_id”:“000000000000000000”}", “”))"

Please help me with that:
Which type of connection should I establish with Qgroundcontrol, TCP or UDP?
Which ports exactly should I open in Qgroundcontrol?
Am I doing anything else wrong in order to have the Sphinx simulate drone connected to QGroundControl?

Ubuntu 20.04 Focal
Sphinx version: 2.11
Qgroundcontrol: v4.2.4

Thanks a lot for your help!

Here you can see the simulated ANAFI Drone detected by Qgroundcontrol

Here you can see the tcpdump of the port 55005 when SPhinx is connected to the QDroneCtrl

Terminal output when running Sphinx

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