Unable to connect to drone with Olympe Media class

Hi to all,

I am facing a problem. I find myself unable to do anything related to the media class. When I execute photo.py which comes directly from the Olympe documentation, I get this as a debug log:

2022-03-26 14:10:22,933 [ERROR] olympe.media.ANAFI-0000000 - _get_all_media - 541 Server Error: Media Not Yet Indexed for url:
2022-03-26 14:10:22,934 [WARNING] olympe.media.ANAFI-0000000 - _websocket_connect_cb - Media are not yet indexed

And then it timeout on this line:

assert drone.media(indexing_state(state="indexed")).wait(_timeout=60).success()

I test this code with sphinx (I test it with the anafi drone):

sphinx “/opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/anafi.drone”::firmware="ftp://:@ftp2.parrot.biz/versions/anafi/pc/%23latest/images/anafi-pc.ext2.zip"

On the other hand, when I execute with the anafi I have this error that comes in a loop from the sphinx side:

[Err] [RendererConnectionHandler.cc:271] Rendering request not served after 2 secs (isl29501_vertical)… Asking for a new rendering.
[Wrn] [IioObjectPrivate.hh:299] request for sample already ongoing!

and this error on the side of UE app:

[2022.03.26-13.16.44:119][489]LogGzUE4: Warning: Failed: timeout waiting for screenshot

I had no problems when I was running the code with olympe 7.0.3 and sphinx 2.3. It only happened when i upgraded to olympe 7.1 and sphinx 2.6.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I can provide more information if needed.

Thank you very much in advance.

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