Unable to find tag Unreal 4.26.2-patched9.3-github


I have a problem building my custom unreal application compatible with sphinx. Right now I can’t build the app using the custom Unreal Engine from parrot because the tag “4.26.2-patched9.3-github” is not present on the repository : https://github.com/parrot-developer/UnrealEngine.
If we go on the repository tags, we can see that the last tag present on the repository is “4.26.2-patched8.9-github”

When I type parrot-ue-build-app --version, the output is :
Compatible UE version: 4.26.2-patched9.3
Compatible Sphinx version: 2.15.1

Right now I get an error when I try to build the app with the command parrot-ue-build-app .uproject :
Incompatible Unreal Engine versions
Expected build ID: 4.26.2-patched9.3
Actual build ID : 4.26.2-patched8.9

I think what I should do when I build the engine is adding the option --force-version to the script parrot-ue-build-editor to force the build ID. But I have the feeling that it is not a very clean way to overcome this problem.

Is it possible for you to push a new version of unreal engine source code with the tag : 4.26.2-patched9.3 ?

Thank you

The latest tag “4.26.2-patched9.3-github” should be available now.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

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