Unable to start Sphinx

Reference installation
run command

sphinx "/opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/anafi_ai.drone"::firmware="https://firmware.parrot.com/Versions/anafi2/pc/%23latest/images/anafi2-pc.ext2.zip"

but get error

[Msg] Waiting for master.
[Msg] Connected to gazebo master @
[Msg] Publicized address:
[Msg] Loading world file [/tmp/sphinx-3e92a23b.world]
[Msg] created parameter server on http:8383
[Msg] Waiting for a UE4 application to start...
[Msg] World params for 'default':
[Msg] 	spawn_points:
[Msg] 		- name: default
[Msg] 		  pose: -3.3 -0 0.4 0 -0 0
[Msg] connected to firmwared
[Msg] Preparation of firmware https://firmware.parrot.com/Versions/anafi2/pc/%23latest/images/anafi2-pc.ext2.zip
[Msg] firmware /usr/share/firmwared/firmwares//anafi2-pc.ext2.zip.ae3b5fc4-eab4-42b1-bf2e-15a1adccfce7.firmware supported hardwares: 
[Msg] 	anafi2
[Msg] All firmwares prepared.
[Err] [PompPool.hh:143] Received an error from firmwared: mount.hook/init failed. See ulog for details.
[Err] [AutomatonStartInst.cc:72] Failed to prepare instance for machine anafi_ai
[Msg] Firmware anafi_ai[23366c9a43b67efdc7db2df6969be79929a0cde7] unprepared.
[Msg] All drones dropped. Let's shut down.

I use Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

log message

sudo ulogcat -v long -C

Thank you!


Can you send us the ulog logs? The procedure to get ulog logs is described here: Troubleshooting - 2.11

updated, like this?

It seems that, for some reason, the path to /var/cache/firmwared/mount_points/ contains unexpected Chinese characters.

Can you restart firmwared with extra logs:

echo 'FIRMWARED_VERBOSE_HOOK_SCRIPTS = "y"' | sudo tee /etc/firmwared.conf

And show us the ulog logs?

Like this? Thank you!

Chinese characters. 無效的選項 = invalid option

Can you please reinstall realpath with:

sudo apt install --reinstall coreutils

Then try to start sphinx again.

If that still does not work, can you check if the realpath command is the one that comes with coreutils:

$ which realpath

And its version number:

$ realpath --version
sudo apt install --reinstall coreutils

error occurred.
Is it a problem with coreutil?

You may have installed a realpath package then enters in conflict with the one in the coreutils package. Can you get rid of it with:

sudo apt purge realpath

Then try to reinstall coreutils.

Great, it works,
thank you very much!

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