Update on 4G link with Olympe

Hi I was wondering if there are any updates on 4G link from Olympe?


General availability of the 4G drone connectivity feature from Olympe is planned for early 2023 in a 7.6 Olympe release.

In the meantime you should be able to connect to a 4G drone (SDK only, no video streaming, no media API) with Olympe 7.4.2.

You should first make sure that your SkyController 4 is paired with your 4G drone using FreeFlight 7 (the SkyController pairing using Olympe is planned for the 7.6 release).

Then, you should connect your SkyController 4 to your PC that should have an internet access (WiFi, Ethernet, 4G, …).

Now with Olympe 7.4.2, you should be able to connect to your 4G drone through the SkyConcontroller using the MuxIp backend :

import olympe
from olympe.arsdkng.backend import BackendType
drone = olympe.Drone("", backend=BackendType.MuxIp, media_autoconnect=False)
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