I am a graduate student in Computer Engineering at Loyola Marymount University, conducting an NSF-funded research project. More details about the project can be found here & here. Our team currently uses two drones: a Parrot ANAFI Ai and a Parrot ANAFI USA. We initially conducted our AirSDK experiments successfully on the ANAFI Ai drone and later purchased the ANAFI USA drone, only to discover that it does not support AirSDK missions.

Therefore, I am inquiring whether there are any plans on Parrot’s engineering team’s roadmap to eventually allow AirSDK missions on the ANAFI USA drone. This question has been previously asked (here and here), but I am seeking to confirm the current status, as those posts are a few years old and there may have been changes. Our research team at LMU has invested significant time in understanding and developing AirSDK missions, and it would be a setback to switch to another vendor for our project.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jhynes,

Thank you for using our products, your project it’s interesting. Like the previous answer, there is no plan to support Air SDK for Anafi, Anafi Thermal and Anafi USA models (only support for Anafi Ai).

As mentioned in your other message, you can send a mail to the sales department to talk about your problem.

Best regards,

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