Use of Default Air SDK modes

I want to create a mission using Air SDK and for that I want to Reuse built-in Guidance modes. In the documentation, given example has some import statement in python language which I am not able to find.
for example: from fsup.missions.default.mission import TRANSITIONS as DEFAULT_TRANSITIONS.
This example is available in Flight supervisor section of Air SDK documentation.

If anyone has any idea about this then please share the github repo link or provide the path to this directories of files.

It’s here airsdk-samples/ at master · Parrot-Developers/airsdk-samples · GitHub

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fsup.missions.default.mission is the default mission of drone (not your custom mission) which is downloaded with
./ -p classic -t download-base-sdk (for real drone)
./ -p pc -t download-base-sdk (for simulator drone)

Unfortunately, there isn’t any GitHub repo for default mission.

Happy coding :slightly_smiling_face:

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