UserWidget on Parrot Sphinx


I wanted create my own scene for parrot sphinx but I encounter a problem when I want to launch it. The main menu, a widgetUser does not appear (just 1sec at the beginning and disappears after), also, my sequences don’t launch (so we don’t see through my cinematicCamera).

Of course, all works perfectly on UE4 4.26.2 and I can build the project with parrot-ue-build-app.

The video shows the launch on the scene and the photo of what’s inside the world.

Thank you for your help and ask me if you need more information. :slight_smile:


If you add your own widgets on top of the main view in the UE app, they will only briefly appear and then disappear because the first thing that the Sphinx UE plugin does is disable world rendering. There is no workaround.

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