Using a WiFi relay to connect with an ANAFI: Is it possible?

Connecting to ANAFI with a smartphone uses a Wi-Fi connection: Is it possible, in a SmartPhone ~ ANAFI connection, to use a wifi relay (a repeater) transparently?
A smartPhone connected to a WiFi channel of a repeater, then the Anafi connected to another WiFi channel of the repeater: Is it possible?
If not, what are the reasons for this impossibility?
Thanks in advance.

The drone is creating an ad-hoc wifi network.
What you describe is not using ad-hoc but infrastructure mode.
It is not possible on a stock Anafi.

OK. Merci c’est clair.
Juste une petite précision: Comment s’établie la connexion ad-hoc dans les 2 contextes suivants:
1/ En utilisant que le SmartPhone.
2/ En utilisant le SmartPhone connecté via USB au SkyControler ?
Merci d’avance.

1-Phones connects to drone directly

2-Sky controller connects to drone directly and relay video + telemetry via phone accessory protocol.

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