Video streaming Bebop 2 - looking for a workaround


I’d like to enable the video streaming on my Bebop 2 using Olympe.

I’ve read around in this forum that the streaming support for Bebop 2 is broken, i am aware of that. However, what i wanted to do is simply send the right command to the drone (ardrone3.MediaStreaming.VideoEnable), and after that handling the video stream on my own.

So, my question is: would be possible to send a custom packet to the drone using this library? The idea is that i know exactly how the packet should be (but of course i don’t know control fields like sequence counter for instance), and i just wanted to send it to the drone.

If that is not possible, do you have any ideas about a possible solution?



Something like that should do the trick if you just care about sending this message :

import olympe
from olympe.messages.ardrone3.MediaStreaming import VideoEnable

drone = olympe.Drone("", media_autoconnect=False)
video_enable = drone(VideoEnable(1)).wait()
if not video_enable.success():

Yeah, it is exactly what i needed. I tested it and works.

Thank you very much!