Virtual ethernet option on real drones


Is it possible to use the virtual ethernet option on real drones?
Also, is it possible to edit some configurations on the Linux OS running on the real drone?



I don’t understand what you mean by using the virtual-eth option on a real drone. This option exists with Sphinx as a way to communicate directly between the host computer and the simulated drone firmware, as both runs on the same hardware. With a real drone, you can’t run your controlling software on the drone hardware, you have to run it on another device (phone/computer/…), which is connected to the drone via WiFi.



refer to the docs here:

If you really need to run the controller application from another machine belonging to the same IP network, you need to activate the port forwarding mode

so can we activate this mode on real drone? can we create a virtual ethernet card with port forwarding enabled?
Also one important question, is it possible to access the OS (Linux) running on the drone?
so that we can connect to the drone with the sdk using this virtual card.



The virtual ethernet option makes no sense on a real drone since you always need to connect to the drone wifi network (so you can communicate with the drone at from any device connected to the wifi network).

This option is only available in Sphinx for the cases where the simulator can not use a real wifi card to create the simulated drone access point (or if you don’t need to use the wifi), but it is not available on a real hardware.