Virtual Joystick commands for ANAFI AI

Hi all,

I want to create an Android app which sends Virtual Joystick commands to a Parrot ANAFI AI drone, more simple it simulates the behavior of the actual controller and sends the drone virtual joystick controls to move the drone as if you were actually pushing the joysticks, where you send 4 float values to indicate the pitch, roll, yaw and thrust values.
Can anybody help me please where I can find this implementation in Parrot SDK, is it in Air SDK or Ground SDK?

Thanks a lot!


GroundSDK is the way to go for Android and iOS applications. You can get general information about GroundSDK for Android in the documentation.

Manual piloting of the drone is available through the ManualCopterPilotingItf, specifically the setRoll/setPitch/setVerticalSpeed/setYawRotationSpeed methods.


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