Weird gimbal attitude behaviour


This is a followup to this thread. I still get very weird behaviour from the gimbal and I can’t seem to understand why. My questions are summarized as follows:

  1. The measurements from the relative gimbal angles give constant values to the values I have set them to. So when I set them to (roll, pitch, yaw) = (0, -90, 0) (looking down), those values are all I ever get out of the roll_relative, pitch_relative, and yaw_relative fields when using get_state() with the gimbal attitude message. This is even though I can visibly see the gimbal adjusting itself whenever I roll or pitch. Why is this the case? I really need the relative angles in order to calculate the transformation between the camera frame and the body frame, so this would be nice to get some insight on.

  2. When instead inspecting the absolute angles, I get at least something that varies as I roll and pitch the drone, and these measurements sometimes seem to be the measurements I was expecting from the relative angles. It should be noted that I am flying inside without GPS coverage in case this affects anything with the absolute frame of reference. These angles only work when pitch is adjusting around 0 however, as when I look straight down as above the roll measurement jumps between 0 and +/- 90 deg whenever it starts rolling right or left. Is there anything I am missing with the absolute frame of reference here?

It would be great if anyone could provide some input on this!

Thanks in advance for any answers:)

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