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Welcome Developers! Thanks for joining us in the exciting path of Parrot drone development. Be sure to read all our documentation on https://developer.parrot.com Enjoy your stay here, and don’t hesitate to participate and ask questions!
On this forum, you can ask all your questions regarding our API / SDK for all our products.

Please use the SEARCH function before posting a new topic, there is a chance that someone was facing the same problem, and that the solution was found! :smile:

All the documentation can be found on our main developer website

When you ask a question, please indicates the product on which it is about, its firmware version, the SDK version used and if necessary which library you used, on which platform are you testing, and if the problem is reproducible with the official app. Feel free to use the following:

Product version: [X.X.X]
SDK version: [X.X.X]

Do not forget to validate the correct answer once a solution has been found! This is very helpful for the community :smiley:

Parrot engineers and all the developers’ community will help you build amazing applications!

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