What are the requirements for the parrot sphinx or anafi to follow a flight plan?

I am developing my own piece of software to control the parrot anafi/sphinx. I can upload a route (flight plan) to the drone, and it indicates that it has accepted the mssion, the drone then takes off, however it then does nothing. Are there conditions for the drone to follow a flight plan that I may be missing in my uploaded route? At the moment I am sending standard waypoints

Hello, the drone does not start the mission automatically , you need to tell him to do so

HI, yes, I was putting it in main mode auto and sub mode mission, and it was doing nothing, however I spotted a magnitude error in my conversion of lat/lng to and from the platform, so on the map the route looked fine but to the sphinx it was somewhere near 0,0, and I guess it was too smart to try fly there. having fixed this it now follows the route

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