What is the 'serviceId' of class Mesage?

I am implementing a specific function by referring to AirSDK’s docs, but I have the following problem.
AirSDK 7.7 > General > How to install and use a Flight Mission

In the code of On the mobile application side
" class Message: MissionMessage {
var uid: String = “MyMission”
var messageNumber: UInt
var packageName: String = “your_company.missions.mymission.airsdk.messages”
There is a part like var payload: Data } " ,

For Android GroundSDK there is no MissionMessage class.
So, instead of MissionMessage class, use Message(com.parrot.drone.groundsdk.device.peripheral.mission::MissionManager::Message) in Android GroundSDK API.

I’m trying to use a class, but this class has missionUid, serviceId, messageId, and payload arguments.
However, I am not finding any information about what the serviceId, messageId represent.
Information on what the values ​​of ‘serviceId’ and ‘messageId’ belonging to class Message of GroundSDK 7.7.0 API for Android represent and how they should be defined is required.

I will be so grateful if you give me some information about this.

How to install the new airsdk 7.7? I tried to install but it installs 7.6 as the earliest version.

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