What yuv_frame.vmeta() returns

When I posted the query “About SDK for receiving information from in-flight ANAFI USA”
I got your reply,
" With Olympe you can control the drone and receive GPS location and camera attitude infos.
And you can also access the drone live video stream (30 FPS) and its associated metadata
at the same rate."

As for your reply, I’d like to confirm the corresponding function or API of Olympe
to get a live video stream and its associated metadata: GPS info and camera pose.

What is the corresponding function or API ?

From User guide, I guess the corresponding function is yuv_frame.vmeta().
but I could not confirm if the yuv_frame.vemata() rutuns the camera pose or not.

yuv_frame.vmeta() returns a dictionary that contains additional

metadata from the drone (GPS coordinates, battery percentage, …)

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