Where is the source code to Gazebo multi-robot simulator, version 7.0.1

Gazebo multi-robot simulator, version 7.0.1 is a parrot specific version… I would like to recompile it. Where are the deb-src links for apt?

Where is the .tar.gz file for the gazebo code?

hg tags | grep _7.0
gazebo7_7.0.0 28214:a29d8dabed9a
gazebo7_7.0.0~pre2 28204:6ae6e198cfd2
gazebo7_7.0.0~pre1 28156:aae2cfd5af69

Sorry for the late reply. The Gazebo version 7.0.1 used in sphinx is based on a fork of https://bitbucket.org/osrf/gazebo/commits/61d4e2e62b71
There is no tag associated with it.

The Parrot version differs significantly from the official 7.0.1 as it contains several new features that were later merged into the official Gazebo repository via pull requests.