WiFi setup for Sphinx on Ubuntu

I am setting up a development environment for Ground SDK on Android. I am looking for recommendations on the best WiFi adapter to use. I read the system requirements and installation instructions for Ground SDK and Sphinx, but I’m curious to hear from others specifically what hardware and software you use.

I need to set up a development environment on Ubuntu Linux with the Sphinx simulator in order to develop an Android app using Ground SDK 7.7. for Android. The app will run on an Android tablet device or on an emulator on a Windows machine. Sphinx will run on the Ubuntu 22 Linux or Ubuntu 20.

What do you recommend I use for WiFi? I will not be using the drone itself so I will need an external WiFi adapter. Which WiFi adapters do you recommend that are compatible with Ubuntu 20 or 22 and can be set up to work with Sphinx? Has someone managed to set up their environment like this successfully and which adapter mode did you use?

For those of you looking for the WiFi adapter, I found a solution and can share it here.

Any USB WiFi adapter that has one of the two supported chipsets will do:

  1. Realtek rtl8812bu
  2. Mediatek mt7612u

This is a great resource for WiFi adapters: GitHub - morrownr/USB-WiFi: USB WiFi Adapter Information for Linux

For my own need, I purchased a TP Link Archer T3U Plus. It has the Realtek chipset.

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