Workings of GPS data


I’m trying to make a state estimation system (Kalman filter) that is going to estimate the position of the Anafi in real-time. In order to do this I want to use the GPS measurements as corrections as is normally done in a Kalman filter. Therefore I am wondering how the function GpsLocationChanged works and if there is any way of getting the GPS data each time a new measurement arrives. My questions are namely:

  1. Does GpsLocationChanged only update every time the drone actually moves? So if you receive e.g. 10 new measurements while the drone is stationary the even will not trigger since the drone does not move?

  2. What is the sensitivity of GpsLocationChanged? I.e. how much movement must happen for the event to trigger?

  3. Is there any way to get the new measurements every time they arrive even though the drone does not move?

  4. In the simulator I get GPS measurements with 0 uncertainty in all directions. Is this because it is in the simulator or am I doing something wrong elsewhere?

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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