Access YUV frames via the iOS SDK

I’m building out an iOS application with a feature that relies on real time access to the decoded YUV frames coming from the drone. I have found a couple posts referencing that this may not be possible on iOS (Ground SDK - access YUV / H264 frame sink) and others referencing some example code (potentially Android) interacting with the frames themselves.

I am interested in example code going from the base GroundSdk object (e.g. via accessing Peripherals, Sinks, etc…) all the way to receiving frames and arriving at a pointer to a decoded YUV frame.

Is this available on iOS?

If not, I would also be interested in similar example code for Android.

Hi @fishstix-dd,

Sorry for the delay.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any examples of this type. But we do have the HelloDrone example, which creates a livestream and may be a good start for what you want to do.

This exemple is available for Android and IOS and please, take a look at the documentation for Android and IOS.

I think you should import RawVideoSink (Android / IOS).