Ground SDK - access YUV / H264 frame sink

Hi guys, I’ve noticed a couple of unanswered questions around accessing a YUV sink on the CameraLive stream, plus an answered one (see Reading Frame Metadata From a YUV Sink in Java) which indicated (last September) that the iOS-only openYuvSink() method is actually for internal use, and not suitable for production level code by 3rd parties.

Likewise older forum answers saying (January 2020) “There is no public API (yet) to access the raw h264 byteStream” (Get video stream from Android connected to Sky Controller 3 - #7 by synman)

Given the obvious developer interest, does Parrot plan on making this kind of access available to us anytime at all? I, like many others, am looking to stream the camera feed over a local network. I’d rather not stream screen-grabs, nor use internal/unstable APIs…

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