Is it possible to access frame bitmap from ANAFI, live, on Android?

I’m just getting started with making a GroundSDK Android App. I’d like to get streaming video data from the drone, read and modify it (e.g. add a bounding box around an object), and display the modified video live. Is this possible, and if so is there a demo that provides a good starting point? It’s not entirely obvious from the demos in GitHub - Parrot-Developers/groundsdk-android-samples: Samples for GroundSDK-Android how to actually access and modify the BitMap from the camera on each frame.

I’m currently running com/parrot/camera/MainActivity.kt from the above repo on an Andoid phone and and successfully seeing video data.

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… seem to indicate that this is officially unsupported.

Although a company called RIIS seemed to make a Cattle-Counting app with ANAFI which seems to indicate it’s possible. Though the app was unable to connect to the video stream when I tried it.

So -

  • is there any way to access streaming video frame data from an ANAFI drone in Android?
  • If so, is there an example somewhere?
  • If not, is Parrot just not interested in supporting this?

Actually, the parrot video view is backed by an opengl renderer. You can issue opengl commands directly to the opengl context after each video frame rendering. The other way is to just place overlapping views on top.

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