Accessing older version of sphinx


I am interested in simulating two drones simultaneously and, upon researching, I found a discussion that suggests only older versions of Sphinx can handle multiple drones. Here’s the link to that discussion:Simulating multiple drones in Sphinx

I attempted to locate these older versions, and my search led me to another forum topic Does parrot intend to make the old version of sphinx available? suggesting that the older versions might be available at plf.parrot. However, since plf.parrot is no longer operational, I was unable to install them.

Could you advise me on how I might be able to install an older version of Parrot-Sphinx or if there are any alternatives for simulating multiple drones?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @Sahin-Albayram,

Unfortunately, there is no longer a version 1.x of sphinx, and it is not possible to simulate more than one drone on the current version.


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